Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah Zero came out of nowhere and was little lauded, but you should still watch it.

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Destiny Game Box Art

Destiny’s content is short and Bungie doesn’t seem to be adding anything to it. They might not have been ready for this.

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RiP: Expectation of Privacy

When was the last time your phone told you when to leave in order to make your appointment on time? How long did it take google to work out your work schedule based on the similar locations you drive to

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Government Shutdown

So how about that shutdown? Enjoying the show? I know I am. I find it amusing and annoying that the only thing coming out of both sides is blame but at the end of the day both sides are responsible

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Armsmaster Project

Just a quick post to encourage the Arms Master project for my friend. It’s shaping up to be something awesome and a good attempt at animation. I support this. If you have time, go check it out and consider it.

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Identifying Memory and CPU Intensive Code

Continuing from my previous pro tip, really more of an opinion, on Memory and CPU Intensive applications and the disregard for the concept that is prevalent, this is meant to be a quick introduction into identifying Memory and CPU Intensive

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Memory or CPU Intensive. Which do you make?

When you made that last project, did you consider whether or not the code you were writing was Memory or CPU intensive? You probably didn’t unless you program for embedded devices in which case you probably spend a lot of

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